A Private Loan Without An Institution – What Is It And Is It Worth?



A private loan is a completely different type of loan relative to quick payday loans or bank cash loans. Private loans are based on a contract between two private individuals. We check whether it is worth using them?

On the market of quick cash loans, so-called payday loans, as well as bank loans, there are many proposals, differing in the interest rate, repayment date and many other factors. However, not everyone knows that, according to Polish law, there is also a form of non-institutional loan, that is, a private loan between two people – who know each other or are strangers to each other.

Private loan – what is it?


The definition of a private loan is relatively simple – it is a loan that we receive from another private person. The amount of the loanable amount depends only on the lender – his options, the degree of acceptance of risk and willingness. Private loans are a kind of alternative to cash loans offered by banks as well as quick cash loans, so-called chwilówki (for example, an online loan in Kuki).

Interestingly, in principle it is difficult to find a person who has never used a private loan – usually we simply do not realize it. When borrowing money from another person, unless it is a family member, an affinity, spouse or descendant (ie a person in the so-called first tax group), we should formally write down a loan agreement that regulates the nature, loan amount and repayment period. A document signed by both parties must be reported to the Tax Office, and then a tax on civil law transactions (PCC) in the amount of 2% of the loan value.

Private loan – how to receive?

Private loan - how to receive?

Private loans are inevitably a loan without a BIK, unless you, as a lender, would like to ask the person you borrow money to submit your report with BIK. Most often, our friends are the lenders – closer or closer. Interestingly, there are also social networking sites that bring together private lenders and borrowers from around the country. This is a very interesting alternative, but if we are not convinced about the other person, it is possible that a better solution would be a classic loan or a fast cash loan with a minimum of formalities.

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