Cash Credit and Expenses Between Couples


Money, access to credit and the expenses of a couple is quite different before the wedding! When we still live with our parents, our view of finances is completely different from what we become when we share our life with someone else. Money-related responsibilities are much smaller, and in most cases parents carry most or all of the household’s expenses. But all this mamata ends when we make the important decision to put together toothbrushes, that is, marriage.

Money talks begin well before the couple move in, especially when they decide to marry all the pomps and honors they send out. Buffet, dress, salon rental, invitations, and the list only increases. Spending too! Planning the wedding party is a great time for the couple to start the conversation about finances and make financial planning a routine within the relationship.

When a couple is formed they are supposed to have common plans and goals, such as buying a home, setting up a family, traveling, and so on. In this way, it is desirable that planning for the realization of these dreams is also in conjunction. Likewise, individual goals should remain, since each person has their professional pretensions or dreams that they still want to accomplish. Balance is the answer for everything to work out well, reconciling family plans with individual pretensions is key to a couple’s success.


 Expenses Using Credit Cards and Cash


 Expenses Using Credit Cards and Cash


In a married couple it is natural that the salary of one is greater than the other, and the way the two will deal with it may depend on the couple to the couple. Some choose to split accounts equally, and pay half each regardless of the salary each one receives. Others prefer to divide respecting this difference, where the one who receives the most contributes more to the accounts. There are still those who add up all the recipes and plan everything together.

Whatever the day-to-day division of accounts, the ideal is for the couple to set aside some of the revenue in a fund, such as savings. This fund will be used to carry out medium and long term projects and plans, such as changing a car, taking a trip or even deciding on maternity. Keeping the dialogue about finances in life for two can no longer be a troublesome affair to be making the way to achieving big dreams, individual or couple.

Thinking and talking about each other’s expectations within the relationship is essential, since as a couple, in most cases the decision to influence one another’s life. When that decision involves money then it is even worse.

Instead of letting the money become the subject of quarrels between the couple, try to treat the matter naturally. Believe me, this will stimulate dialogue and increase confidence in one another, bringing many benefits to the relationship and especially to the couple’s financial life.