What Prevents Us from the Housing Policy – Loans?


A different kind of accident can happen to any of us. We are becoming more and more aware and we are more and more willing to use the services of insurance companies that offer us various types of insurance. Of course, the most popular are car insurance – the OC policy is compulsory but we have more and more to deal with the AC policy. Housing insurance is also becoming more and more popular. In part because it is obligatory in the case of mortgage loans, but also people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that it is better to have such a policy than to have it.


Housing policies are offered by the vast majority of insurance companies. Of course, they have a different price, as well as a different range. Besides, these two concepts are interrelated: usually the greater the scope of the policy, the more we have to pay for it. What can we protect our housing policy from? We will try to explain it.


Property insurance in the event of a fire, flood or explosion 

Property insurance in the event of a fire, flood or explosion 


This is the standard scope of most of the policies offered by Insurance Companies. If we have such a policy, we can get money if our property is destroyed due to a fire, flooding or explosion of the gas installation. Insurance companies offer not only financial resources related to an accident. They can also offer us a replacement place, if we can not live in our old house or apartment, offer renovation and construction crews, etc. Such a policy is obligatory in the case of mortgage loans, when we must do the assignment to the bank where we have a loan.


Property insurance against theft and burglary

Property insurance against theft and burglary


If we are concerned about the movable property in our house or apartment, it is worth thinking about buying a policy that will insure them against theft or devastation. We are talking about valuable items that we have, as well as about the fixed elements of our home – doors, windows, or installations. If someone breaks into our house and destroys or takes away some items – the insurance company will refund the money for damage. The insurance coverage, i.e. the number of items you want to insure, is very large – it usually depends on the insurance company.


Insurance against damage to objects in the property


As we have already written, “accidents are walking people”, so we never know what in our apartment or in our home can break, damage or what can break. That is why it is worth trying for a policy in which the payment is made in the event of a broken washbasin, broken glass in the window, or in the case of a broken aquarium. Also in this case, insurance companies can offer us professionals who will help to remove the defect.


Of course, these are not all insurances that are offered as part of a housing policy. We can still meet with civil liability insurance, Assistance, that is with all kinds of help on the phone. However, we must realize that the greater the scope of our policy, the higher our premium will be. However, it is sometimes worth spending a bit more to make sure that our property is protected in the right way.

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